Inevitably records this far back are sketchy so we have produced just one page for the nineteen thirties. The records we have are as follows but if you can add to it – fathers or grandfathers perhaps – let us know…

1930  David Orthin Jones
1931  Ken Rees  George Watkin
1932  Gwilym Griffiths  James Ronald Powell
1933  Glyn Stanley Hughes  Edward Raymond Jones
1934  Haydn Edwards  David Carey John  Eddie Humphrey Jones
1935  Arthur Nicholas  Kenneth Jones
1936  Howard Owen Evans
1937  Owain T Hughes
1938  Ronald Perry  Neville Rees
1939  Wynn Jenkins  John Rhydwen Jones  Michael Parry  Glyn O Phillips  Phillip Potts  Edward Rowland Pugh  J Arthur C Williams