Old Boys

OLD BOYS of the school are featured here. We like to think most old boys have led interesting and meaningful lives but we’ve picked out these as having been eminent in some way, stopping short perhaps of achieving proper fame. But they are:

Frank Harris: Author  ID Hooson: Poet  Tom Ellis: MP  William Miles Webster Thomas: Businessman  Arwel Hughes: Musician  Llewelyn Kenrick: ‘Father’ of Welsh football  Tom Jones: Athletics administrator  Meredith Edwards: Actor  Ralph Bagnall-Wild: Lawyer and tennis innovator  Brynmore Mile: Eminent chemist  David Warner Ellis: Photographer  Walter Clopton Wingfield: Father of lawn tennis  John Alun Lloyd: Astronomer William Douglas Caroe: Architect

pending entry: BM Davies and Wing Commander Ken Reese: RAF