1966 Entry

This is form 1a, joined school in September 1966. 22 boys.

Alan Bellis  Robert Bennett  John Buck  Paul Blackburn  Alan Diggory  Gary Daniels  Ross Duffield  Geraint Dodd  Aled Ellis  Huw Edwards  Gareth Evans  Huw Goodman Kevin Griffiths  Alan Hopwood  Michael Hewitt  Leslie Hill  Richard Ingham  Graham Ingham  Alan Jones  Cyril Jones  Geraint Jones (Socks)  Stephen Jones

And this is a list of the boys who were allocated to that year’s 1alpha:

Howard C Lacey  V Legge-Thomas  Christopher A W Mills  Barry V Minton  Geraint W Parry  A H Richert  D H Roberts  P Roberts  P W Schleising  John M Talbot  G Thomas  O V Thomas  Terry Thomas  David Tunnah  Malcolm Valentine  A C Williams  A Williams  C Williams  M F Williams  R E A Williams  T A Williams  W B Williams  James A Wright