1947 Entry

A recollection of boys entering the school in 1947. If this was your year and you can add to this list send us an email.

Peter Crewe  Eddie Davies  Harold Davies  Kenneth Thomas Davies  Leslie Gracie Davies  Winston Edwards  Thomas Sydney Evans  John Morrison Fisher  Roy Franks  Alan Griffiths  Gareth Pritchard Hughes  Gordon Hughes  Samuel Hughes  Elwyn Jones  Neville Jones  Peter Hilton Jones  Raymon Jones  Tecwyn Jones  Charles Neil Lloyd  David Mitchell  Derek Oldfield  Courteney Owen  Robert Owens  Wilfred Owen Owens  Reginald Lloyd Parry  Harold Richards  Colin Roberts  Dennis Roberts  Thomas Delwyn Roberts  Peter Ryan  Peter Savage  George Anthony Stephens  Gwynfor Williams  Peter Wright  Arthur Wynn Roberts/Davies (unsure of this surname!)

The 1947 entry was provided largely by Peter Wright. 1947 was the first year that the school had a Form One. Prior to 1947 the entry form was called Form Two. Mr J T Jones – the Headmaster at the time – believed that boys entering the school were clever enough, or would be,  to sit the School Certificate (O levels – or if you’re young enough GCSEs) after only four years. So, not confusing at all.